The internet is filled with violence especially if one delves into the dark web. This is a movement called “Anti-Snuff” to fill the internet with beautiful things.                                                    Advertisements

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Budget Laundry Detergent

Yep.  More budgeting tips. This time I am talking about how to save money and cut even more corners by making your own laundry detergent at less than half the cost.  I had heard about budget laundry detergents that my grandmother used and thought that it was old fashioned.  I now know that major corporations […]

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More Winter Hiking Tips

My friends and I had a great hike to start off the year and we trekked 5.2 miles in under four hours! After my first hike this season I have come back wiser and with more tips to share with you! Before you leave for your hike, make certain that your pack has everything that […]

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Winter Hiking Trip!

Its January and its time for the first hike of the season! My hiking troop and I will be hiking this year’s first three to six mile trek. As it is time for one of the season’s first hike it is also time for a friendly reminders about being prepared for the trip: Never hike […]

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Preparing For Fasting

I have always been fascinated by the idea and the ritual of fasting. This week I have been researching and planning for my very own fast. There are many accounts of people’s personal experiences with fasting mostly positive and a few negative testimonials. One testimonial that stood apart from the rest was the account from […]

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